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Understanding Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy - What, Why & Cover.

Welcome to the world of hospitality, where it is crucial to ensure both the comfort and safety of both visitors and staff. But have you ever considered the numerous dangers and responsibilities involved in managing a hotel or restaurant? The hospitality sector deals with a wide range of issues, such as property damage and income loss.

A Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy can help with that. This insurance plan, created especially for the hospitality sector, offers protection against a range of risks and obligations, giving hotel and restaurant operators peace of mind.

Understanding Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy - What, Why & Cover.

What is Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy?

A particular kind of insurance policy created especially for the hospitality sector is called a Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy. This policy offers protection against a range of risks and liabilities that restaurants and hotels must deal with, such as property damage, liability for injuries to customers and staff, and revenue loss from business disruption.

Why do Hotels & Restaurants need this policy?

A Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy's thorough coverage will vary depending on the particular policy and the requirements of the hotel or restaurant. It's critical for hotels and restaurants to evaluate their unique needs and select a policy that offers sufficient protection for their unique risks and liabilities. Finding the right coverage for a particular business might be helped by an insurance expert. Just like InsureSMEs.

Why you need Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy?

What gets covered in Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy?

The 16 parts that make up this policy's coverage provide you with the option to pick and choose your level of protection based on your individual needs:

  • Building / Contents (Excluding Money and Valuables)

  • Alternate Accommodation

  • Business Interruption (Fire)

  • Electronic Equipments

  • Reinstatement of Data

  • Portable and Mobile Equipments

  • Machinery Breakdown

  • Burglary & Housebreaking

  • Money Insurance

  • Fixed Plate Glass

  • Neon Sign/Glow Sign/Hoarding

  • Accompanied Baggage

  • Personal Accident

  • Fidelity of Employees

  • Liability

  • Employee Compensation

What gets excluded from Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy?

We want you to be aware of some of the key exclusions under this policy so that you won't get a nasty surprise when you file a claim. Some possible exclusions include the following:

  • The loss or damage due to nuclear perils

  • Damage to property due to pollution and contamination

  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration or slowly developing flaws

  • Consequential loss of any kind

  • Wilful act or gross negligence on the part of the insured, resulting in loss or damage

  • Damage to the property if it is moved to any other location other than stated in the policy schedule

  • Loss or damage due to burglary and housebreaking when insured a family member is involved

  • Faults in electrical appliances existing at the time of commencement of the policy or manufacturing defects

  • Shortage of money due to errors and omission

  • Injury or death of the insured as a result of his/her participation in dangerous sport/hobbies, misuse of alcohol/intoxicant or resulting from HIV/ AIDS

  • Loss or damage caused by or due to the action of any lawfully constituted authority or government body

  • Loss or damage for which the manufacturer the supplier or repairer or transporter or any other third party is responsible either in law or under a contract

Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy

In summary, A comprehensive insurance programme for the hospitality sector, the Hotel & Restaurant Package Policy covers a wide range of potential risks and liabilities that hotels and restaurants may encounter. This policy provides coverage for property damage, liability for employee and visitor injuries, and revenue loss from business interruption. The protection offered by this policy is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of hotels and restaurants, guaranteeing that they are adequately protected from the dangers they encounter during normal business operations. Owners of hotels and restaurants may rest easy knowing that they have been safeguarded from any losses and monetary setbacks thanks to this insurance.

*Businesses should work closely with their insurance provider to make sure that they have the right cover in place to protect their assets and manage potential risks effectively.

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