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Warehouse Insurance Policy

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Warehouse Insurance

What is Warehouse Insurance Policy?

Warehouse Insurance is a type of Property Insurance designed to meet the specific needs of these types of businesses. It provides comprehensive protection for commercial stock, allowing business owners to get reimbursed for any losses they may incur due to unforeseen disasters. It includes damage to the warehouse building, inventory, machinery and equipment, furniture, and other assets.

Why Warehouse Insurance Policy is important?

Whether it's an unexpected fire, an explosion, or a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake, these events can cause irretrievable damage to goods, machinery, equipment, and the warehouse building. The financial loss triggered by such destruction can force a company out of business. That's why manufacturers and warehousing corporations need to have Warehouse Insurance.


Riots, strikes, intentional damage by a third party and theft also pose a threat. These risks can cause significant financial losses for the business, which is why it has become a necessity to have coverage.

What is Covered in Warehouse Insurance Policy?

Warehouse Insurance coverage includes important assets stored or employed at the facility, such as:

  1. Building structure, including walls, fences, and foundations

  2. Inventory of goods, including perishable goods, electronic products, garments, and medical supplies

  3. Machinery and equipment, including forklifts, cranes, service carts, and other tools

  4. Furniture, desks, fixtures, and glass panes

  5. Pipelines, security systems, air conditioning, and electrical installations

  6. Water tanks and generator rooms

  7. Stock stored in open premises (inside the boundary wall)

  8. Important documents or cash on the premises (up to a limit).

Add-ons of Warehouse Insurance Policy

Warehouse Insurance can also provide additional coverage for several other risks with the help of add-on covers. Some of the most common add-on covers include:

  • Burglary and Theft coverage: This will cover any loss of goods, machinery, tools, etc. On account of a robbery, theft, or similar event

  • Money Insurance: Also known as Cash Insurance, this add-on policy can help recover any loss of cash or cash equivalents during the ordinary course of business

  • Loss of Profit Insurance: Under this policy, the policyholder can get reimbursed for any consequential loss of gross profit, or increased cost of working that may arise out of the occurrence of a covered event like fire, floods, riots, etc.

  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance: Some insurers also offer a separate Machinery Breakdown Insurance policy that helps cover repairs or replacement costs for machinery and equipment damaged during normal operations

Disclaimer: This information is added only for informative purposes and collected from different sources across the Internet. InsureSMEs is not promoting or recommending anything here. Please verify the information before making any decisions.

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